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Julabo FusionChef Pearl S
Julabo FusionChef Pearl S Quantity in Basket: None
Price: $1,849.00
The durable precision-engineered Pearl S immersion circulator and 5 gallon water bath combination is suitable for prep, line cooking and for refreshing items before service—for fine dining, casual restaurants, catering operations, and high-volume institutional kitchens. Highly portable and built to last, it gives you the ability to sous vide cook multiple items at once, integrate sous vide cooking quickly and enhance kitchen operations.

The Pearl model provides a temperature consistency of ± 0.03 °C in vessels or cooking pots up to 58 liters (15.3 gallons). The safety protection grid prevents the vacuum pouch from touching moving and heated parts. The circulating pump ensures optimal temperature stability and water distribution throughout the bath. Pearl can be easily mounted on any vessel or cooking pot by simply using its attachment clamp. The integrated timer allows for easy monitoring of the elapsed or remaining cooking time.

• Splash-proof keypad
• Bright LED temperature display
• Smudge-Proof Stainless Steel Hood
• Immersion depth of 5.91 inches.
• High-capacity pump circulates 3.7 gallons/minute
• Lightweight at only 30.4 pounds
• Simple to set up, stows quickly, and is easily transportable for mobile uses
• Durable, stainless steel housing
• Strong stainless steel adjustable clamp
• Low-level water alarm extends Pearl’s lifetime
• Integrated timer for monitoring cook time
• Easy to install and clean
• Safety protection grid
• Vapor barrier protection
• Temperatures Displayed in °C or °F
• Size: 13.1” W 22.7” L 14.7” H

PDFJulabo FusionChef Brochure (PDF)