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Fata Paper (100 pcs)
Fata Paper (100 pcs) Quantity in Basket: None
Price: $92.00
If someone told us there was a container so versatile that products could be cooked in it with or without liquid, can be placed in the microwave or the oven, in water, in boiling oil or on a grill, we may think it was magic. Nothing could be further from the truth; Fata Paper is a transparent cooking paper, developed in collaboration with Italian chef Fabio Tacchella, which can be made into small bags for products that can be subjected to temperatures of up to 230 C. This resistance to heat makes it possible to cook healthy, light, tasty dishes, since the aromas remain inside the bag, in short times and conserving the full nutritional value of the food. Fata Paper can also be used to prepare bags with different kinds of food which can be kept in the freezer. This is not magic; just technology applied to cooking. 50 cm X 50 cm precut. 100 pcs.