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Mauviel Copper Egg White Beating Bowl w/ Rings 15.7"
Mauviel Copper Egg White Beating Bowl w/ Rings 15.7 Quantity in Basket: None
Price: $540.00
Mauviel copper egg white beating bowl with bronze rings. The ideal container for beating egg whites. Copper bowls produce a yellowish, creamy foam that is harder to overbeat than the foam produced using glass or stainless steel bowls. When you whisk egg whites in a copper bowl, some copper ions migrate from the bowl into the egg whites. The copper ions form a yellow complex with one of the proteins in eggs, conalbumin. The conalbumin-copper complex is more stable than the conalbumin alone, so egg whites whipped in a copper bowl are less likely to denature (unfold). Diameter: 40 cm (15.7"). Height: 20 cm (8"). Capacity: 16 liters (17 qt). Made in France.