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PacoJet (including 2 beakers)
PacoJet (including 2 beakers) Quantity in Basket: None
Price: $4,398.00
Pacojet is a counter top machine that fits in every kitchen. No special installation required. Plugs into a standard socket.

"Pacotizing" denotes the revolutionary process, which mixes and purees deep frozen foods directly in its frozen state without thawing it, to produce a frozen and intensely natural tasting ice creams, sorbets, or mousse of extremely fine consistency at ideal serving temperature.

The basic Pacojet system includes all accessories needed to get started. For Pacojet no quantity is too big or too small.

Makes one portion (approx 3.5 fl oz) in 20 seconds or the entire beaker (1 liter / 1.2 quarts) in less than 4 minutes.

In one hour Pacojet can make up to:
- 15 liters of ice creams or sorbets in 15 different flavors
- 15 kg of fine farce for pates, terrines, fluffy mousses
- 15 kg herb or spice concentrate for sauces oils etc.
- 150 portions of soups in 15 varieties

If you use Pacojet to create just one new item on your menu, the machine will pay for itself in less than 3 months!