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The Little Book of Coffee
The Little Book of Coffee Quantity in Basket: None
Price: $10.36
Arabica, robusta, espresso, cappucino... words that will send coffee-lovers into a whirl of delight. Few drinks inspire as strong feelings as coffee does: Voltaire was said to drink up to seventy cups a day, and many are those who cannot start the day until they have had several cups of strong black coffee. This book provides information on all aspects of coffee and coffee-drinking, from its early days on the great trading routes, through the dark days of slavery to the modern commodity markets that buy the production of entire countries. Also explored are the process by which coffee beans are brought from the plant to the coffee-grinder in your own home, and how to make the most of the unique aroma of Blue Mountain or Caracoli beans. Whether you prefer your coffee Italian, Turkish, au lait or Irish, you will find advice in this book on the best way to produce a sumptuous treat for the tastebuds every time. Of course, a cup of coffee is often a shared experience, and The Little Book of Coffee contains a guide to the cultural aspects of coffee drinking. Paperback. In English. List Price: $12.95.