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The Book of Green Tea
The Book of Green Tea Quantity in Basket: None
Price: $28.00
From the Japanese Gyokuro to the superb Chinese green teas, to the blue-green teas of Darjeeling, "The Book of Green Tea" takes you on a voyage full of delicate aromas to the most beautiful plantations of green tea in the world. Known for centuries in Asia, the restorative qualities of green tea are now being recognized in the West, by both the medical establishment and cosmetics companies. Green tea is being used for both health and beauty products, illustrated in the pages of this book. Includes more than thirty original recipes by chefs from around the world--from Massimo Mori's risotto and Robert Linxe's chocolates, to green tea lobster, sorbet, and cocktails. Paperback. In English. List Price: $35.00.