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Tahitian Grand Cru Vanilla Extract (1 liter)
Tahitian Grand Cru Vanilla Extract (1 liter) Quantity in Basket: None
Price: $250.00
Our Tahitian Vanilla Extract is completely pure and certified naturally grown, Gourmet grade with concentration of 400 grs/liter. Extracted from our Tahitian Grand Cru vanilla beans that are cultivated in greenhouses requiring special certification. Our beans are plump and soft, warm brown in color, and contain twice as many flavor molecules as other varieties. Maturing over a period of about nine months, each bean ripens in its own time, and must be judiciously harvested by hand. The distinctive aroma and rich flavor develop during an elaborate curing process that has been perfected over more than a century. Only traditional, manual, and completely natural preparation process (no scalding nor drying ovens) is used, so it allows greater development of aromatic components properties of the beans. The result is plumper beans with a very strong fragrance and full of seeds. No GMO is used for the whole production. Net weight: 1 liter (33.8 fl oz).)

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