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Methyl Cellulose F50 FG (19 oz)
Methyl Cellulose F50 FG (19 oz) Quantity in Basket: None
Price: $27.00
Methyl cellulose forms a gel when heated, and melts into liquid when it cools. This is analogous to gelatin, only backwards. This feature can improve a food if it undergoes heating at some point in its processing or preparation and needs stability at cooking or processing temperature (e.g. prevent a sauce from thinning out or a filling from boiling out). It is used as a binding agent for foods that need to keep their parts together. Products such as pasta, vegetarian burgers, onion rings, and formed potato products are all improved by its binding strength. This is due to its cohesive nature at low temperatures and the structural integrity of the gel at higher temperatures. It is the only food gum that truly lowers the surface tension of water. This means it makes water wetter, allowing easier whipping, more efficient emulsification, and film formation. This is great if you make emulsions, like whipped toppings, sherbets, and salad dressings.

This F50 Food Grade type has low viscosity (50 mPas) and forms a semi-firm gel at 143-154F. Its optimal hydration temperature is <77F. Its main functions are: gel texture improvement, emulsification, air entrainment, moisture retention, and lubricity.

Popular Applications and Uses:
- Improves tenderness in baked goods
- Prevents weeping, phase separation
- Creates fine, stable air cells
- Aids low-fat baked goods
- Aids mouthfeel to low-fat foods

Net weight: 19 oz.