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Dim Sum
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Chef Janice Wong's approach to cuisine is novel and innovative - She views familiar items in a different light, twisting and combining them in a unique way.

In this book with dim sum expert Chef Ma Jian Jun, Chef Janice brings her unique concepts and presentation to the traditional Cantonese art of dim sum. Together they have pioneered a collection of traditional recipes as well as new creations incorporating both Chef Ma's impeccable craft and Chef Janice's pastry vision.

This book aims to share the origins, ingredients and techniques behind dim sum through thoughtful information, straightforward recipes and bite-sized tips. Ideal for both the home cook and professional kitchen, Dim Sum is organized around the various types of flour used to create different dough types and textures. The recipe section begins with an extensive chapter on dumplings, followed by buns and rolls, then a special "not flour" chapter for vegetable, tofu, seafood and meat dishes, finishing with sweet and savory pastries. The stunning photography showcases the dumplings as miniature works of art.

An exploration of these recipes results in a new appreciation for dim sum's various textures and flavors and how they are achieved. The book succeeds in mastering timeless teatime treats and inspiring inventive interpretations of these delights.